Unique illustrations that amplify your message and brand.

An illustration is a unique visualization that is used as part of your visual identity or to support an article, message or infographic. It’s true: a picture is worth more than 1,000 words. Every illustration we create is unique.


We make different types of illustrations. From an illustration that is part of a logo, folder or poster, to a series of icons for your website. Illustrations can be part of your brand story, but can also contain information or explanations on their own and can be more than just having a decorative function. We create these for small and large clients. Sometimes we make illustrations as part of a branding process, or in addition to a visual identity and sometimes it is a standalone project where we are specifically asked for the visualisation.

Different styles

For every illustrations project, we use the style that suits the assignment and client best. A high-quality illustration conveys the right feeling or idea, appropriate to the type of expression. For example, we made illustrations for a customer in the healthcare sector in which a human feeling comes to mind and for which we apply warm, accessible colors and round shapes. For the technical field, for example, this is more about a futuristic image and we used a combination of illustrations and photography. Every illustration and icon is unique.

Website application

Icons and illustrations are very useful on a website to clarify your story. This way you stand out more and your message gets communicated better and faster. The illustrations and icons are very suitable to tell your audience about your services, products or processes.

Editorial use

An illustration can do a lot to support the content of an article. Whether this is online on your website or social media, or in the newspaper, magazine, trade journal or brochure. You can incorporate explanations or comments in a visualisation and immediately grab or keep the reader’s attention. This also applies to the use in annual reports, advisory reports, notes, protocols, etcetera. Visualisations help to make a subject more appealing to the imagination and can give interpretation to a subject.


Sometimes a static visualisation just isn’t enough and is it a wish or advice to make it come to life into an animation. This works very well and we can also take care of this. An animation contributes to the story you want to communicate and you can use this on your website, in presentations or, for example, on social media. Have a look at the video about CIV Leven Lang Flex, or the small animations of CIV Smart Technology.


Curious about the things we have developed? View some examples of our work below. But you can also take a look at the websites of these companies and organizations themselves. For example, have a look at the website of CIV Smart Technology, for which we have provided the entire identity and website, including all images for the various ‘Smart lines’. Or browse trough the Proef de Streek-magazine, which is part of the Streek van Verrassingen campaign. We made all the illustrations and icons for this magazine and campaign. And the icons on the Samotics (formerly Semiotic Labs) website reflect a different style.

Have a look at some examples.


Brew Monk™

Derec campaign


See more projects.

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