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Brew Monk™

Interface design for all-in-one brewsystem Brew Monk™.

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In collaboration with Brouwland and our friends at Brewbrain, we have designed the online user interface of the brand new WiFi version of the all-in-one brewing system Brew Monk™. With this (free) online platform, home brewers can easily and independently create and start brews, edit and save recipes.

An easy going online experience for the home brewer, even for the less online experienced user

One of our main principles for this project is that this WiFi version should be able to start without much explanation, even for users who have less online knowledge and experience. We have thoroughly researched simple steps to register online and make the right connection. After all, a smooth start is the best way to start your brewing day. Below we describe a number of elements that contribute to the success of your brewing day.

Brewboard: the home of your brewing session

The Brewboard gives you a perfect overview of your current brewing session. Here you will find all parameters of the session and the progress of your brew. You can easily see how many steps are left in your process and you can take notes while brewing. Since you can control this WiFi kettle remotely, you can easily keep an eye on your brew when you are watching your favorite series, the platform will notify you when something needs to be done.

My recipes and brews

Save all your favorite recipes and create them yourself on the platform. Sync your recipes easily to your brew kettle when it is connected to WiFi. This way they can be started at all times, even in places where WiFi is not available. We have paid a lot of attention to the possibility of creating your own recipes. For example, you can fill in instructions for specific elements of the recipe yourself, which will then be shown on the kettle’s display for even more convenience. In ‘My Brews’ you can then keep track of your brewing sessions, take notes and improve recipes for future sessions.

Suitable for mobile

We also designed the platform for perfect mobile use, making it easy to create recipes and keep track of your brews on the go.

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