Practical website for academic network of the LUMC and twelve organisations for elderly care in South Holland.

The UNC-ZH (University Network for the Care Sector South Holland) stands for the connection between science and practice: research in and with elderly care, for good and qualitative elderly care. As an academic network, they are jointly committed to (scientific) research to improve care for the elderly. Connecting, accessible and stimulating in knowledge development and knowledge sharing. The network was in dire need of its own modern and practical website, on which they can properly express and share the knowledge and experience they have developed. This is an important objective of the organization. We got to work in realising this.

Functional design

We started the process by going back to basics and, together with UNC-ZH, looking at what wishes they had for the website: what type of information do they want to process and what functionalities would they like to see? The entire structure of the website has been closely scrutinized by looking at how best to structure all research, products, documents and news items.


An important pillar of the organization is research. The studies have been reclassified by dividing them into five focus areas: interventions, organization of care, participation, appropriate (medical) care and technology. Within each study, a fixed layout is maintained in how it is displayed on the website. This way, every study is standardly divided into the components ‘creating knowledge’, ‘sharing knowledge’, and ‘applying knowledge’. ‘Sharing’ and ‘applying knowledge’ include all products and publications related to research. These can also all be found in the library. The sidebars of a study contain all practical information, such as the research team, research updates, participating institutions and funding. This way, we keep the substantive and practical information of a study separate and clear.


Previously, the library was a page long list of documents on the old website. Of course it has now been completely renovated and modernized. In the library you will now find all types of documents that are linked to the studies. These can not only be viewed per research, but also per type (animations, brochures, factsheets, dissertations, etc.), per focus area and per year. There is also a built-in search function if someone knows exactly what they are looking for.


At News (Actueel) we have made a subdivision between news items, agenda and ‘in practice‘. This way we streamline communication better and we distinguish between practical news items and great stories from practice.


Of course we have ensured that the entire site works well responsively. Do you want to read a study and quickly share it with your network? Then use the handy Share button and choose a channel to share it

Have a look at the website here.

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