From organisation to recognisable brand.

Branding offers the ideal opportunity to show who you are and what you represent. Great branding offers recognisability, reliability and a long-lasting connection to your target audience.

Brand strategy

During a strategic session we’ll discuss your vision, mission and audiences. In order to get these crystal clear, we’ll ask some thought-provoking questions. We use design-thinking methods to create a strategy that’s at the core of your brand.

Brand story

The brand strategy forms the core of your identity. At the heart of your brand story is the story of your organisation. Use it to form connections with (potential) customers. This can be a guide when thinking about how to talk to your target audience, and how to best position your brand.


After developing an initial concept and design for your brand, we’ll present our design alongside a number of practical applications of the identity in a follow-up meeting. This gives you the opportunity to visualise how to implement your brand.


We use different materials to tell your story. Once we have finalised the design, we’ll start developing these materials. Business cards, photography, a brochure, website, an online or offline campaign; branding is dynamic and allows for a diverse approach. Together, we’ll determine which materials help to position your brand the best.

Further development

We’ll start by creating a selection of visual materials. Along the way, we’ll be happy to execute any needs and wishes as they develop. It’s also good to consider how to keep your branding current and conform your brand story.

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