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Derec campaign

Online recruitment campaign for the best intermediate in education, healthcare and childcare.

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Derec is an intermediate in education, healthcare and childcare. And not just any intermediate, but the best. At Derec, the employees are always there for you. You will really be heard to and you will receive the support and guidance you need and all the possibilities to enjoy your work as much as possible. We’ve translated this point of view into an online recruitment campaign: Derec makes you happy.

Niet one, but six slogans

At Kordaat we always try to capture the essence as concisely and short as possible, but that is not always possible. Derec is active in healthcare, education and childcare and thus addresses six different target groups. In order to address these target groups in a direct way, there are six versions of the slogan. The essence is the same: Derec makes you happy. And sequentially: if you work happily, you deliver better work.

Smiley and photography

The online campaign was developed in two phases. We started with a graphic version of the campaign, in which a Derec smiley was the centre. This smiley was already hidden in the logo and is beautifully expressed in its entirety in animations that have been placed on social media and in display ads.

In addition, the pay-off ‘Derec makes you happy’ lends itself strongly to a photographic translation. For this we did a photoshoot in collaboration with GDandP. In this photo series, an employee of Derec is always in the photo together with someone who works for/via Derec. The result is obvious: happiness splashes off! The models are people who really work together and it was special to see how natural their interaction was with each other. Some only knew each other by phone and yet they were immediately comfortable striking all kinds of poses for the photo.

Campaign progress

The online campaign was completely taken care of by Ad Your Service. Posts and animations have been distributed on various social media channels and online advertisements have been placed. In addition, targeted landing pages have been created on the website to which the concrete advertisements refer to, and interviews have been published with the photos to read more about the models.

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