From idea to catchy online / offline campaign.

A campaign can perfectly draw attention to your company, product, service or message. Different means complement each other and with a strong message we reach your target group in the right way.

Campaign idea

A campaign can be part of your marketing strategy and is suitable for promoting a specific product, service or message. This can be something new, but you can also raise awareness for your brand itself. It strengthens the communication you have already going with the target audience and provides extra attention. Do you have an idea for a campaign or do you want to create one but you have no idea yet? We would be happy to discuss this with you to develop a great idea for a powerful project.


Once the starting point has been determined, we start with a concept and design for the campaign. We translate the idea and message into a creative concept and design. At our next appointment, we will present the design and show some examples of what the campaign could look like in practice. This way you immediately see the possibilities in front of you. We also propose (if desired) which resources we can use for the campaign. This can be an alternation between offline and online resources.

Connecting to your brand

We always make sure to apply the right tone of voice and a design that fits your current branding. Do you have an existing visual identity? Then we ensure that it connects seamlessly with this. A campaign gives your brand extra attention. It must therefore be in line with the perception of the target audience that the campaign has in mind. We go for a design that works in order that you get the best result from it.


What do you want to achieve and who do you want to reach? These are important questions when creating a campaign. Not only when coming up with the concept, but also when thinking about which resources can be used for the campaign. Outdoor resources include MUPIs, A0 posters along the road, A2 posters in public spaces, large billboards and digital screens. In addition, you can add booklets, flyers, advertisements, folders or unique give-aways. The online part can consist of social media posts and advertisements, online advertisements, animations, videos and perhaps a specific campaign website. Together we think of which results suit your campaign and budget best.

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