A strong visual identity is based on a good story

A visual identity is the face of your organisation. We’ll make sure yours leaves a lasting impression.

A visual identity is so much more than a logo; it’s the unexpected, yet recognisable expression of your organisation. It is the visualisation of your brand. Your brand shows who you are and what you stand for. Great brands are recognisable, reliable and build a lasting bond with their audience. When designing a visual identity, we stick to a clearly defined roadmap. On this page, we lay out the steps for you.

Step 1 – Meet the client

Before we start working and designing, we want to meet you in person. We want to get to know our clients and your company or organisation and want you to know who we are in return. This marks the beginning of a fun and transparent collaboration.

Step 2 – Research

During a brainstorm or brand strategy session we’ll support you to determine your vision, mission and audiences. Together, we’ll develop a strategy that forms the foundation of your brand identity. It is this foundation that we use for the further steps in developing your visual identity.

Step 3 – Designing the visual identity

We’ll create a concept and design of the brand identity. In our next meeting, we’ll present the design alongside a number of practical applications of the identity, allowing you to picture its various implementations. You can give feedback on these designs and we will discuss if this corresponds with your wishes.

Step 4 – Deliver

Once the design has been finalised and we’ve discussed the specific needs of your company, we’ll develop it into different materials. These could include business cards, photography, a brochure, website or campaign. This is how we strengthen your brand.

Step 5 – Develop

We like to remain involved in new opportunities and developments in order to keep your visual identity and brand dynamic and current.

View some examples.

Regenerative agricultural farm De Eenzaamheid


Dalton Leiden campaign


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