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Identity and website for the developers of tailormade remote measurement and sensing solutions.

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Iotopus is a smart contamination of the words IoT and octopus, what a beautiful name to work with! We helped these specialists in sensors and measurement systems to establish their brand identity.

The intelligence of IoT and Octopus

Octopuses learn by observing and, like humans, they use tools. They have the ability to solve puzzles. Octopuses have large brains and a complex nervous system. Each tentacle can think independently, making the octopus extremely creative and flexible. A perfect bridge to IoT and the Iotopus team, because these characteristics are just as relevant for those. Do you have an IoT issue? Iotopus creates tailor-made solutions for your complex issues. Sensors, measurement systems, electronics, hardware and back-end platforms are seamlessly comprised in the right solution.

A logo from the deepsea

We have developed a harmonious logo on a tight grid where the arms of an octopus are constructed from printed circuit board parts. We came up with the slogan ‘Our tentacles reach deep into the world of IOT.’ We developed a series of illustrations in a consistent style for the various parts in which Iotopus’ work takes place.

Mother-daughter company

Interesting to know: Iotopus is the mothercompany of Brewbrain, our dear client that create smart products for all (amateur-)brewers in the world to make their life easier.

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Series of videos to promote an Italian collection of design-chairs.

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