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Series of videos to promote an Italian collection of design-chairs.

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The Italian brand Bedont recently lauched their ‘Collection 20.20’ chairs. To introduce this collection, we have developed a series of videos in collaboration with Oldmates. This series of four videos each show beautiful close-ups of different versions of the models in this collection. This way, we pay attention to the details and craftsmanship that is related to the production of these chairs.


Firstly we created a storyboard, with which we entered the conversation with the Italian brand Bedont and the Dutch company Turbit Interieur. Turbit is the company that imports the products of Bedont into The Netherlands and Belgium and has taken the initiative to create these videos in order to have an exclusive presentation of the collection. A great way to present new products to (interior)designers and projectmanagers at a time when there are no trade fairs and when you can’t do one-on-one visits.

After fine-tuning the storyboard we started our collaboration with our partners from Oldmates, whom shot and edited the videos. The pay-off ‘Let’s restart from the A’ is the core concept of the collection of chairs. Therefore this is shown clearly in the result. We show close-up shots from the diverse models from the collection. After watching the videos, you definitely want to touch the chairs and have a seat. Have a look at the videos below.

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