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Rebranding and positioning for clever beer-technicians.

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Kordaat and beer, it’s just a combination that works for us. Somewhere halfway in 2020, the clever guys at Brewbrain came to us for a rebranding of their company. Brewbrain create smart products that will make your brewing-life easier (and maybe even your results better).


What started in 2018 as a hobby project of a number of colleagues, quickly grew into a fully-fledged company. Their product Float,

a WiFi hydro and thermometer that measures fermentation activity, temperature and SG in your brews, is now available in (web)shops all over the world. This created the urgent need for a more professional appearance. Together we’ve identified Brewbrain’s mission, vision and future plans. After this we were able to define the slogan “We put the brains in brewing”, which sets the first tone for the image. By using friendly illustrations, a vibrant use of color and a sympathetic tone of voice, we appeal to hobby brewers all over the world.

Renewed website and My Brewbrain platform

One of the main wishes was to modernize all online communication. To the outside world, this includes the (corporate) website with all information about the products being developed. This includes a blog where developments and tips are shared with users and you can view all points of sale in the world.

Another important aspect of their online communication is the platform on which the users view their brewing data. In close collaboration with the Brewbrain guys, we have renewed this platform completely in terms of layout and appearance. For example, we have created “Brewblox” on which a user can quickly and easily keep an eye on his live data. In the future, a user will be able to organize his dashboard according to his own wishes. In addition, under ‘My Floats’ you can view the status of your products with the battery percentage, WiFi strength and most recent synchronization moment. Next to this, we stimulate interaction among the growing community by being able to easily respond to the brews of others and provide insight into public brews. 

Let us design your website.

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