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Visualising a training school to be.

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Since 2021, mboRijnland, together with Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Leiden) and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Rotterdam), has established the aspiring Rijnland Training School (Opleidingsschool Rijnland) and they have been recognized to do so by the government. Within this training school, the schools and teacher programs work closely together to train student teachers together in the workplace. It was up to us to give this a visual identity. The basics of the identity are set and will be expanded over the course of the years.

Growing towards a future in education

We have designed a graphic representation of a young plant for the logo, which symbolizes growth. Growth is an important core value of Opleidingsschool Rijnland and is reflected in several facets of the school. Students are prepared with tailor-made guidance for working in educational practice in MBO, they are growing towards their future. As well as the current lecturers and lecturers in training also learn from each other, another great way of growing in this profession.

Merging three educational institutes into one logo

All three educational institutes are represented in the visual identity because one of their colours is used from all styles. We were able to put together a beautiful color palette from this combination of colours that form a professional and confidential appearance. This contributes to the equality of the partners and their ambitions in this project.

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