Modern website for the Inventeers from Leiden.

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Inventeers are the Gyro Gearlooses of Leiden. Every day they work with the latest technologies on the most groundbreaking products. Over the past five years, they have grown and developed rapidly as a company, which led to the desire to reflect this better in their online appearance. We were asked to work on the design of a new website that matches their ambitions.

Functional design

We started the process by formulating clear goals of the website together with Inventeers. This way we were able to find a balance in everything that Inventeers wants to say, from their interesting IoT cases to the fields in which they operate and their working method. The structure of the website and the layout on the pages have been determined by means of a clear functional design.

Graphic design 

After approval of the functional design, we started with the graphic design of the website. In the past two years, we have already made some adjustments and expansions to the existing corporate identity, in order to have a wider range of graphic elements to use. These come together in the website. Curious about the inventions of Inventeers, such as a sensor that gets to know cows or a talking trash can? Check it out quickly on their website!

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