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Regenerative agricultural farm De Eenzaamheid

Visual identity for a farm that is pioneering in regenerative agriculture.

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For Joost van Schie, a new generation of farmer, we were asked to develop a visual identity for his farm that is located on a small island in Warmond. With cows, cheese and a dream: a regenerative landscape.

A new type of farmer

We like pioneers, people who go out on a limb for their ideals. When Joost came to us with the story that he was going to take over his parents’ farm to turn it into a regenerative farm, we were convinced: we want to contribute to this!

Briefly about Joost: Joost is a farmer’s son, but has worked in a completely different world in recent years. Now, together with his parents, he is working on the transition for the future of dairy farming and cheese factory ‘De Eenzaamheid’ (‘The Solitude’). He’s not wasting any time, because the farm now has its own developed chicken camper, which expands the range with Wilde Weide Eggs and they recently opened ‘Oogstwinkel‘ (a farm shop) in Leiden. This is the first staff-free shop in Leiden where you can buy local products from local farmers.

You can feel the craft

De Eenzaamheid is also a remarkable company in terms of location and history. The farm is located on a small island and can only be reached by boat. The name of the farm is already on the facade for years and it only made sense to use this as blueprint for the logo. In addition, we have developed a clear compact website and a small series of illustrations in hand-drawn style that are in line with the craft of the farm. Soon we will expand the identity a bit with their own cheese stamp and labels for the egg cartons. Things that we don’t often encounter in a visual identity and therefore all the more fun!

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