HAI TRIPS Flexibilities

Heatmap and interactive tabels to encourage the use of TRIPS Flexibilities.

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For Health Action International (HAI) we transformed a database with information regarding TRIPS Flexibilities in the EU into a heatmap and several interactive tabels. 

TRIPS Flexibilities

Health Action International is a non-profit organisation that conducts research and advocacy to advance policies that enable (affordable) access to medicines and rational medicine use for all people around the world. Among which they support the use of legal and administrative measures by governments to counteract the damaging effects of excessive intellectual property (IP) rights, which improves access to affordable medicines. One of these measures is the application of TRIPS Flexibilities. TRIPS flexibilities are ‘policy spaces’ for countries to mitigate the impact of patents. HAI complied its resources to provide a deeper insight on these areas for those who need it. One of these tools is to have visualisations of the available database to provide an overview of all information regarding TRIPS Flexibilities. This way, we provide the public several insights to view the information instead of having to browse a complex database.

Heatmap en interactieve tabellen

We’ve transformed the map of Europe into a heatmap of the TRIPS Flexibilities. With a color-coding system you can read how many TRIPS Flexibilities are implemented per country. You can apply a filter to the map to view the status of implementation as well as you can click per country to read the information per TRIPS. This way you will discover what article is being used, for which medicine and health condition, etcetera. The interactive tables below use the same database but provide the information from a different angle. This way you can have a quick view how often and for which health conditions the TRIPS Flexibilities are implemented; which articles are used and in which year this was.

Webdevelopment in collaboration with our partner Mowbi.

Have a look yourself at the HAI website.

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