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Catchy website for an IoT startup.

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In 2019, startup Okku launched an online reservation system for office spaces and schools. They were already growing steadily when corona –logically– gave their work-field a huge boost, because obviously every company needs such nowadays. Due to this rapid growth, their need for a new website grew.

Online reservation system

Okku originally started developing a wireless sensor that measures the air quality and carbon monoxide level in a room. If it is placed under a desk, it can simultaneously detect whether a workplace is occupied on the basis of temperature difference. This made the sensor very suitable for use in combination with an online reservation system. When all corona measures came into effect in March 2020, there was an enormous demand for this system, because it is of course an effective way to properly organize access to workplaces.

Website and icons

The high demand for the product revealed an urgent issue: a new website was needed to appear professional and representative. Okku wanted to maintain the existing logo and a single visual. We have used this as a basis to further expand the corporate identity and to create the online representation of Okku. We developed a series of icons to visually support the main features and working methods. This way, potential customers quickly gain insight into whether the system is suitable for them and what is needed to get started quickly.

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