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Brewery Uzzewuzze

A bold identity with a catchy story

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We can call it a hobby that got out of hand: our Eric started small-town brewery Uzzewuzze in the summer of 2020 together with 4 other beer lovers. Naturally, Kordaat is responsible for the strategy and identity of this brewery and beers.

Tradition of nicknames

Uzzewuzze is a small brewery from Roelofarendsveen. The brewery’s name and the names of the beers all have their origins in local nicknames. Roelofarendsveen is a village with a rich history, from peat cutting to growing tulips and manufacturing world-famous party suits. Next to this, it is also a village with traditions. A lot has changed in recent years, as large residential areas are being built and many people who do not originally come from the village come to live here. Naturally, all these new ‘Veenders’ (as they are called) are not familiar with the local traditions. As a result, certain traditions are beginning to be forgotten. The five men of Uzzewuzze think this is a waste, because it gives their village a wonderful character. One such tradition is giving nicknames to families in order to distinguish families who have a similar surname. That way they knew “who you are one of”. That nickname could be related to an appearance or characteristic, a field or other trait. By using the names, the brewers want to honor the tradition of local nicknames and ensure that they are not forgotten.


Uzzewuzze’s appearance has a strong character with bright colors and solid typography. This is also a direct choice for the presentation of the brewery. For example, they always say what it is, the audience is addressed directly and quality is of the essence. Because when local Veenders start something, they like to do it well. Have you become curious about the name Uzzewuzze yet? Well, that is the nickname of Toon van Klink, who often spoke slurred and mumbled a lot. A name that is perfect for a brewery, because after drinking several beers you will only pronounce it better. And the stories behind the other names? You can read these on the labels of the beers and of course on the website of Uzzewuzze.

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